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---On Hiatus due to RL issues; mods were warned ahead of time, and OK'd it.

February )
Total Comment Count for February-based Threads: 85, including top-levels.

March )
Total Comment Count for March-based Threads: 111, including top-levels.

April )
Waiting for the Battle with Neeshka. 2 comments.
Helping Saya (Ninja!Pod) keep the enemy away. 3 comments so far.
Before, During, And After The Battle of the Sun Temple. 20 comments so far.
Phillip's Dungeon, Part 1. 3 comments.
Hashing out Feels With Zed. 9 comments so far.
Pizza antics leading to meeting Malik. 2 comments so far.
Return to Liminal, and the post-Jaunt fallout. 21 comments so far.
rich asshole Talk via Psychic Network. 6 comments so far.
Total Comment Count for April-based Threads: 85, including top-levels.

May )
Total Comment Count For May-based Threads: 24, including top-levels.

---n/a; RL issues prevented AC being met; mods gave technical pass due to attempt.

July )
Total Comment Count for July: 53, including top-level.
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The following will be used to track AC for the game [community profile] synodiporia. Cuts will be made per month, and amount of comments will be tracked.

November )
Total comments for November: 162 comments.

December )

Post-Jaunt reunion/fight with Zed. 2 comments so far.
Total Comments for December: 26 comments
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Player's Name Lisa
Timezone: US Central Time (GMT -6)
Availability: Due to being self-employed right now, I'm available between 10AM to after midnight CST.
Contact: I'm always available on my Plurk handle [ profile] powerofredrangers; I have the mobile app as well as an open tab on my PC. You can also PM this journal, or contact my RP email address powerofredrangers at gmail dot com

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Below are the abilities available to Right during his time at the game [community profile] synodiporia. This list will be updated as he gains new abilities in-game.

Canon-Based Abilities )

Game-Only Abilities )
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